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Radio Broadcasts 
BBC Radio 4
The Headline Ballads,
The Monkeys and the Fishes.
Stories on my view of the Ebola tragedy in Sierra Leone. Procuced by Penny Boreham.
BBC World Service
Ebola Stories
The power of Storytelling in rebuilding a community together after the Ebola disaster in Kailahun district in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. Teaming up with the Child To Child NGO in Sierra Leone.
Produced by Penny Boreham
Transformative storytelling

Children are the roots of our society. Feed them with rich fertile soil of stories and they will grow big, strong and bear good fruits. 


My stories are very alive, current, adaptable and organic. Every audience I encounter relate to my stories because my stories take on characters from that audience’s community. The story then becomes etched in their minds forever as their own unique experience.

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Photo by Pablo Lopez

Six Ensemble Plays for Young Actors is an anthology of work writen specifically for young people to perform. This development - part of the Young  People's Participatory Theatre Project - came as a response to a widely held belief that there is a lack of high quality work suitable for young people. Following a hunch that there was a large untapped resource of unpublished resource, infrequently performed, dramatic writing lying forgotten on shelves or in drawers, Arts Council England in partnership with Methuen Drama, launched an online survey for the public to suggest plays for an inclusion in an anthology. 


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